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SCN Volunteers
We're looking for a few good women: we need several volunteers to help with some ongoing and upcoming projects.

If you can help us, please send a note to

Sarton Women's Book Award™ Jurors /
Story Circle Contest Judge / Story Circle Facilitators / Book Reviewers /

  • Sarton Women's Book Award™ Jurors (SCN members only):
    Our Sarton Women's Book Awards™ program is growing! More entries in this unique and important program mean that we need more jurors to help us with the first-round evaluations! Each of our first-round panel of jurors reads and evaluates six books (of course, she may read more if she wishes), and submits her evaluations online. If you would like to take part, please fill out our application form. We are already receiving entries, so we.d like to start empaneling jurors very soon.

    If you are planning to submit a book this year, you shouldn't apply to be a juror. But if you're thinking of submitting in the future, you will find this experience invaluable. Many of our jurors and judges have been with us ever since we began, and they tell us that their work has made them more careful, thoughtful readers and writers. We're sure that you'll feel the same way.

  • Story Circle Contest Judge:
    You can help us discover and honor our best writers by serving as a judge in our annual and occasional writing contests. Go here for information:

  • Story Circle Facilitators:
    You can help us spread SCN's message and mission by starting a Story Circle in your community. There's lots of information here—and our Circles Coordinator will be glad to answer your questions.

  • Reviewers,
    We're looking for reviewers to help us get out the word on good books by, about, and for women. Requirements: a love of reading women's books, writing competence, and a few spare hours a week for reading and writing. What you get in return: free books, published review clips for your portfolio, and the applause of grateful readers and writers. Such a deal! Please email us.

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SCN Volunteers

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