Inside and Out: Women's Truths, Women's Stories

From the Story Circle Network Member Anthology, 2009-2016

Inside and Out: Women's Truths, Women's Stories is the newest book from Story Circle Network. It's a 250-page soft-cover anthology of women's lifewriting, drawn from SCN's annual collections of work by its members. Edited by Susan Schoch, Inside and Out includes 76 essays selected from 8 editions, 2009-2016 (see the table of contents). An editorial team (Susan Albert, Mary Jo Doig, Pat LaPointe, Susan Schoch, Jo Virgil, Jude Whelley) recommended the selections. Sherry Wachter created the evocative cover and designed the readable and appealing interior.

Inside and Out is a remarkable gathering of women's voices, each individually an insight into the author's experience, made more powerful together as a chorus that sings the shared truth of women's lives.

To see some of the proud contributors with their copies of the book, go here.

In her Foreword, Susan Wittig Albert tells us these essays are about "Life—ordinary and extraordinary—seen from a woman's point of view, told in a woman's voice." And yet they are also "Our collective, communal stories."

Susan Schoch details the selection process and the vision behind the project in her Editor's Note: "Inside and Out reflects the two vivid realities of women's lives—our inner and most sacred private world, and the outside world of all that teaches and needs us."

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