Story Circle Network's Benefit Raffle

Donate a Raffle Prize: Help SCN and Advertise Your Product/Service!

We are looking for donations in the value range of $-$ for our semi-annual raffles to raise money for SCN (you may offer a related group of items to increase the value of the prize). If you can help out by making a donation (which includes shipping it to the winner of the raffle) please fill out the form below and send us at least one photo. If you would like to make more than one donation, please fill out a separate form for each item. You do NOT have to be an SCN member to contribute an item to the raffle.

Some examples of the donations we are looking for:

  • $$ to sponsor a Story Circle Network online class enrollment, a conference enrollment, LifeLines Retreat enrollment, etc.
  • painting, fabric art, other art
  • handcrafted jewelry, scarf, wearable art
  • item that you will purchase on behalf of the winner, for example, a personalized tote—be creative!
  • your latest published book(s), autographed & personalized (if self-published, we'll need to see a copy before we can accept)
  • original DVDs, CDs, audiobooks
  • a blank journal, stationery, notecards
  • gift certificate(s) for services such as workshops, online classes, editing (these would have to be available to the winner via the Internet or by mail, not locally)
  • a group of 5-6 related or themed items (such as you might find in a gift basket)

Donations must be "free and clear"—not contingent on any other purchase. [For example, a fee-based workshop during a conference, where the winner would have to register for the conference to claim her prize.]

Donations with expiration dates are discouraged—our raffles run for a 6-month period (January-June & July-December), with the winning tickets drawn the first week of July & January. Your item, if approved by our review team, will be scheduled for one of our upcoming raffle periods.

Items offered for donation will be selected by a jury of SCN members. If your item is chosen, we will notify you before it is to be featured, to be sure it is still available for the raffle.

We will display your photos and info about your raffle donation on Story Circle Network's Benefit Raffle page for the period in which your prize is being featured, along with links to your website/blog and your brief bio. We will also send you a list of entrants who choose to be contacted with more information/discounts on your products/services.

SCN is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. If requested, we will provide you with a letter stating the value of your donation, for tax purposes.

Please submit the following information to us. Fill out a separate form for each item. Then email one or more high-resolution, jpg or gif formatted photos of the item to storycircle at We would love to have a photo of you, too!

If you have more than one donation to make, please fill out a separate form for each item!

Information About the Donor:

Street Address:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
(select "n/a" for non-US, non-Canadian residents)
Zip Code:
Are you currently a member of the Story Circle Network? Yes / No

Information About the Item to be Donated:

Description of item:
If your item is a book, include the link to it on, as well as a link to where we can read an excerpt. If the excerpt isn't online, you can email it to Note: If your book is self-published, it must be listed on Amazon or we can't accept it.

Value of item (or group of items) being donated: $.00 (rounded to the nearest dollar; price range: $-$)

Please send me a letter stating the value of my donation, for tax purposes.

Donor's bio (2-3 sentences to be posted on our raffle page with your item):

Donor's website address (to be posted on our raffle page with your item): http://

I understand that SCN will send me the name/address of the raffle winner, and I will be responsible for shipping my product/service to the winner. Please keep the shipping issue in mind as you choose your donation. Very large items may be difficult to ship. For tax purposes, you may add the cost of the packing/shipping to the value of your donation.

I will send a high-resolution, jpg or gif formatted photo of the item to storycircle

I will send a high-resolution, jpg or gif formatted head-shot photo of myself (or the item donor if it isn't me) to storycircle

Questions? Contact us via email: or phone:

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Please email your high-resolution, jpg or gif formatted photos (one of the donor and one of your item) to storycircle at