Continuing OWL-Circles

Some of our OWL-Circle workshop attendees are so excited about beginning to write that they just do not want to stop meeting and being stimulated to do more writing! Some of the OWL-Circles that have continued meeting after the initial 5-week workshop are listed on the "Story Circles Around the World" webpage. There is a certain amount of trust and bonding that has taken place amongst them that allows them to express themselves more freely, so these circles are closed to new members, unless otherwise specified.

Where: Firehouse Gallery—Decatur County Arts Council, Bainbridge GA
When: Monthly, flexible date
Facilitator: Pam Immendorf (vintage
Circle Description: The "Silver Retrievers" is an ongoing OWL Circle.
Last update: 01/24/2009

Where: Cass County Council on Aging, 60525 Decatur Rd, Cassopolis MI 49031
When: 10am-noon, 4th Thursday of the month
Facilitator: Dona Billey-Weiler (donab
Circle Description: We meet for 2 hours once a month. We've been meeting for several years as an Older Women's Legacy (OWL) Circle, then as a Writing Circle and now, officially a Story Circle.

There are typically 12-14 women who regularly attend and write. We've used Susan Wittig Albert's Writing from Life, Secrets of the Zona Rosa. This year we're hoping to produce an anthology from the writing. Typically, we write from a legacy perspective on a variety of topics and in a similar format to Story Circle Network.

Date posted: 02/24/2011

Where: Peace of Christ Church at St. John's (Church Hall), Rochester NY
When: 1st Thursday of the month, 9:30am-noon
Facilitator: Rosalie Muschal-Reinhardt (alrosmr
Circle Description: Our OWL Group started to meet in September 2004. We completed the OWL curriclum. Now we select a topic and write on it for five sessions. We also go to related theatre or the museum. As an example, we went to see "Quilters". We went to a Quilting Show and then to lunch. Recently, we wrote on "Hospice" using a book by a local author who will come to our June meeting. In the eight years that we have been together, one woman lost her son, eight women became widows and one of our own members died. We are a bonded women's community.

One of of favorite quotes is, "When women come together and share and are listened to without judgment, miracles happen." The faciliator has taken an online course on writing and that helps her develop wondeful prompts. This group is a closed one. After so many years we all know each other so well, that it would be a disadvantage for a new member. This is a wonderful experience for all of us.

Date posted: 04/27/2012

Where: Peace of Christ Church at St. John's (Church Hall), Rochester NY
When: 3rd Tuesday of the month
Facilitator: Rosalie Muschal-Reinhardt (alrosmr
Circle Description: Our OWL Group began in 2007. We completed the curriculm and know choose a topic and write on it for five sessions. This group is an open group. The have asked me, the facilitator, not to ask for permission to bring in a new woman. They say, "Another woman to learn from." We have covered many topics. Recently, we wrote on Hospice using a book by a local author. She came to our April meeting and it was a joy to see the interaction and discussion.

We are a wonderful women's community. We attend to the women when ill or having a difficult experience in their lives. They gave the facilitor a "surprise shower" when she had a knee replacement. We have laughed and cried and remained silent at the beauty of the writing and the sharing. We go out to lunch several times a year. And the facilitator keeps us informed on the lives of the members. We learn so much from one another and we are a support group in our changing lives.

Date posted: 04/27/2012

Where: Rose State College, Midwest City OK
When: Tue 5:30-7pm and Wed 1-2:30pm, beginning Oct 26, 2011
Facilitator: P. Jan Hall (tajleanna
Circle Description: We use Writing From Life and the OWL Workbook, plus other Memoir/Journaling resources. We write in class, do homework and try to put together a chapbook from each group. My groups change with the semesters, but are most always women 55+.
Date posted: 07/09/2011

Where: Querencia, a retirement community in Austin, TX
When: 4th Saturday of each month.
Facilitator: Anne Beckner (abeckner
Circle Description: Continuing OWL-Circle group formed in May, 2009. A new group wil start in the Fall, 2009.
Last update: 06/16/09

Where: Lone Star College, Houston TX
When: Wednesdays, 10:30am-12pm
Facilitator: Joyce Boatright (joyce.m.boatright
Circle Description: Continuing OWL-Circle group.
Last update: 03/16/2014

Where: Hillside Fellowship Church, 7055 US Highway 281 N, Spring Branch TX 78070
When: 1st & 3rd Tuesday, 3-5pm
Facilitator: Judy Watters (sheermemoirs
Circle Description: This group started in March of 2012 as an OWL circle at my church with 8 women ranging from 54 to 86. After 2 years together, we are a tight group writing our stories of pain and encouragement. We are a closed group, but I am open to opening another group. Call Judy for info: 830-885-5344.
Last update: 03/09/2014