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November 2003, Vol. 2, No 4  
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Programs & activities:


All About OWL

OWL-Circle The OWL-Circle Memoir Workshop project is now in its fifth year. To learn about the project's history and goals, click here: www.storycircle.org/owlcircle. Currently, the project is divided into two major areas:
  • workshops and other activities in the Austin TX region, which are under the direct supervision of SCN (for more information, go here: www.storycircle.org/owlcircle/austin).

  • workshops in various parts of the country, offered by facilitators who are using the OWL-Circle workshop packages (for more information, go here: www.storycircle.org/owlcircle).


With Courage and Common Sense

Our memoir anthology, With Courage and Common Sense, was published last month by the University of Texas Press and is now available for purchase. This collection contains memoirs collected from the grant-funded phase of the OWL-Circle Project, as well as an introduction describing the project.

For a preview of the book (and to place an order), go here: www.storycircle.org/owlcircle/withcourage.


Stories From the Heart II, February 6-8, 2004, Austin TX

The Story Circle Network will hold its second national memoir conference, Stories from the Heart II. The conference will bring women from around the country to celebrate women's stories and women's lives. Through writing, reading, listening, and sharing, we will discover how personal narrative is a healing art, how we can gather our memories, and how we can tell and share our stories. There will be opportunities to explore difficult or hidden issues, expand our relationships with other women, and discover different modes and media--such as art, dance, and drama--for sharing our stories. Come, learn, share, celebrate with us as we honor our stories! For information about the conference, and to register on-line, go here: http://www.storycircle.org/Conference.


Austin OWL-Circle Workshops

Have you always wanted to write down those family stories before they're forgotten? Are there events in your life that you'd like to share with your family? Join us at an upcoming OWL-Circle workshop for five workshop sessions and learn how to organize and write your story.

Austin OWL-Circle Director Pat Flathouse (pflat@austin.rr.com or 512-347-7687) will begin a new OWL-Circle group on January 12 from 9:30-noon at St. John Neumann Church at 5455 Bee Cave Road. For more information, please call or email Pat, or click here: www.storycircle.org/owlcircle/austin/workshops.html.

If someone would like to suggest a meeting place in either north Austin or central Austin, Pat Flathouse would be more than happy to organize an OWL-Circle for the month of October. Also, if anyone is interested in an evening group, please let Pat know.

The Continuing OWL-Circle Program, for those who have completed the OWL-Circle Writing Program and want to continue with their writing, meets on the first Tuesday of each month from 1:30-3pm at St. John Newmann Church. The December meeting will be December 2 and the January meeting will be January 6. Those interested in attending may call or email Austin OWL-Circle Director Pat Flathouse (pflat@austin.rr.com or 512-347-7687), or see www.storycircle.org/owlcircle/austin/workshops.html for further information.

If you know of a church, women's group, individual's home, or senior residence that would like to sponsor an OWL-Circle workshop, or if you would like to facilitate one of these groups, let Pat Flathouse know.


Publishing Opportunities for Older Writers

Contribute your experience of nature in the Southwest to SCN's new anthology of memoirs: Plains, Deserts, Canyons, Mountains: Women Write about the Southwest (under contract with the University of Texas Press, with publication anticipated in 2005 or 2006). For more information, go to www.storycircle.org/WomenWrite.

You are invited to contribute to a new memoir collection! The book, called The Noble Generation II is being compiled by the folks at Barnes & Noble, who welcome submissions from people all over Texas. If you have a story to tell and you'd like to share it with the world, you'll find guidelines for submission here: http://www.storycircle.org/nobleii.html.

Publication is validating for writers of any age, but especially for older writers who want to share their life stories! The Story Circle Network maintains an up-to-date Market Watch page (www.storycircle.org/MarketWatch.shtml) with many listings of memoir-related publication opportunities. If you are writing your story, there are several opportunities for you to publish your work. If you are leading an OWL-Circle group or memoir-writing program, please share these opportunities with your writers.


Older Women's Memoirs

We're creating a bibliography of older women's memoirs or other personal writings for our website, and we need your help. Please send us the name of the memoir and the author. Email to storycircle@storycircle.org.

To see our current bibliography, go here: www.storycircle.org/owlcircle/memoirs.html.







Your Life, Your Story
Your Life, Your Story

Are you writing your life story?

Need some help?

This book contains five chapters with suggestions, ideas, ways to organize your material, and writing helps. A final chapter on various aspects of lifewriting, by Story Circle authors, including tips for writing, capturing memories, using photos, interviewing, creating a family cookbook, and scrapbooking.

A valuable resource for any woman who wants to tell the story of her life, but especially useful for women over 60. Based on the highly successful, widely acclaimed Older Women's Legacy Circle workshop program of the Story Circle Network. Sturdily bound in plastic with a coil binding that allows the book to lie flat. A helpful resource, a wonderful gift.

$15 (shipping included)

Go here to order - or click on the book cover above.

. Wise Words on Aging

"A person of sixty can grow as much as a child of six. The later years are a time for self-development, emancipation, and spiritual growth."
~Gay Gaer Luce, Your Second Life~

"Through our actions, we will create a new image of age--free and joyous, living with pain, saying what we really think and feel at last--knowing more than we ever knew we knew, not afraid of what anyone thinks of us anymore, moving with wonder into that unknown future we have helped shape for the generations coming after us."
~Betty Friedan, The Fountain of Age~

Story Circle Network
. About the Story Circle Network

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