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September 2002, Vol. 1, No 1  
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Welcome to OWL's Inaugural e-Letter!

Programs & activities:


Welcome to OWL's Inaugural e-Letter!

This is the first in a series of regular email letters from the Older Women's Legacy Circle, a memoir workshop project of the Story Circle Network. The OWL-Circle was created in 1998 to encourage older women to share the stories of their lives with family, friends, and the wider world. This OWL-Circle e-letter is designed to spread the word about the project, put OWL-Circle story-tellers, teachers, workshop sponsors with one another, and keep everyone informed of the project's activities. We've sent it to you because you are on SCN's national or Austin e-Letter list, but in order to receive it regularly, you will need to subscribe. (Just go to the bottom of the right-hand panel of this letter and click on the "Sign up" button.) Please feel free to forward this e-letter to interested friends.


All About OWL

OWL-Circle The OWL-Circle Memoir Workshop project began with a generous grant from the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word and is now in its fourth year. To learn about the project's history and goals, click here: www.storycircle.org/owlcircle. Currently, the project is divided into two major areas:
  • workshops and other activities in the Austin TX region, which are under the direct supervision of SCN (for more information, go here: www.storycircle.org/owlcircle/austin).

  • workshops nationwide, offered by facilitators who are using the OWL-Circle workshop packages (for more information, go here: www.storycircle.org/owlcircle).

To read about OWL-Circles currently in progress, see our OWL-Circles in the U.S. page: www.storycircle.org/owlcircle/circles.shtml. To tell us about your new or upcoming OWL-Circles, please use our online form: www.storycircle.org/owlcircle/frmnewcircle.shtml.


Austin OWL-Circle Workshops

Have you always wanted to write down those family stories before they're forgotten? Are there events in your life that you'd like to share with your family? Join us at Seton Southwest for five workshop sessions and learn how to organize and write your story. For information, click here: www.storycircle.org/owlcircle/austin/workshops.html.

If you know of a church, women's group, individual's home, or senior residence that would like to sponsor an OWL-Circle workshop, or if you would like to facilitate one of these groups, let Pat Flathouse know, at pflat@austin.rr.com or 512-347-7687.

Upcoming OWL Workshops:
There are three OWL-Circle groups beginning the first week of October:

  1. 12:30-3pm, Wednesdays in October, at St. John Neumann Catholic Church, 101 Westlake Dr, Austin TX 78746 (see map: www.storycircle.org/graphics/STJOHNNEUMANN_map.jpg), led by Jane Ross
  2. 6:30-9pm, Thursdays in October, at St. John Neumann Catholic Church, 101 Westlake Dr, Austin TX 78746 (see map: www.storycircle.org/graphics/STJOHNNEUMANN_map.jpg), led by Pat Flathouse
  3. 9:30-noon, Thursdays in October, at Seton Southwest Hospital, 7900 FM 1826, Austin TX 78737 (see map: www.storycircle.org/graphics/SETONSW_map.jpg), led by Jane Ross
The cost of the workshop is $55. If you are interested in attending any of these workshops, please contact Pat Flathouse at pflat@austin.rr.com or 512-347-7687.

OWL Facilitators Gathering:
Pat Flathouse held a gathering of OWL Facilitators on September 4. Attendees included three former facilitators and two new women who want to begin their own groups (at St. Helen's in Georgetown, and at a retirement center).


OWL & Seton Good Health

Seton Good Health
The Seton Healthcare Network, the leading provider of healthcare services in Central Texas, is a major supporter of the OWL-Circle project, offering classroom space and helping to promote the project in the Austin senior community. Recently, the Seton Good Health Magazine wrote about the importance of continuing learning for seniors, and featured the OWL-Circle project. You can read the article here: www.seton.net/Wellness/GoodHealthMagaine/
. The gorgeous dames in this picture (from left) are Margaret Long, Catherine Cogburn, and Susan Albert.


Older Women's Memoirs

We're creating a bibliography of older women's memoirs or other personal writings for our website, and we need your help. Please send us the name of the memoir and the author. Email to storycircle@storycircle.org.

To see our current bibliography, go here: www.storycircle.org/owlcircle/memoirs.html.







Meet Our Director
Pat Flathouse
Pat Flathouse is the volunteer director of the Austin OWL-Circle. She schedules workshops (and occasionally facilitates), coordinates project activities, trains facilitators, and keeps the project moving forward. Thank you, Pat, for all you do!

Story Circle Network
. About the Story Circle Network

The OWL-Circle memoir workshops are a project of the Story Circle Network, a non-profit organization that honors women's voices and celebrates women's lives. Membership in SCN is open to women everywhere. We offer:

  • a quarterly newsletter with features on women's lifewriting
  • opportunities to publish your work
  • workshops, classes, on-line courses
  • an Internet Chapter
  • Speaker's Bureau
  • much more

    Annual membership is only $24 U.S., $30 Canada/Mexico, $36 elsewhere. To join, click on Join SCN and pay on-line, or send a check to
    Story Circle Network
    P.O. Box 500127
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    SCN publishes two monthly e-letters: the National Story Circle e-Letter (which brings you writing tips, women's quotations, and news about our national activities; and the Austin-area e-Letter, with information about SCN events and activities in the Austin TX region.

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    This e-Letter is written and edited by Peggy Moody & Susan Wittig Albert.

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