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Catastrophe, Survival, and Recovery: Stories from the Storms

Katrina Anniversary
Darby Beattie, New Orleans

One year ago today, I suffered the disaster of New Orleans, it made me sad, bitter, lonely, and asking myself "Why?"

Life is uncertain but political corruption is evil and should be erased as well as the individuals who killed 1342 poor Americans in Orleans and Jefferson Parish, they died without dignity or care.

I am bitter and will not accept the ideas of the excuse I have heard. My mind still sees people screaming, dying in their own human waste, seniors choking for air and dying from lack of humane care.

My heart hurts for the thousands herded like cattle to a death trap called a shelter by politicians and let them die like trapped animals. My mind still sees babies dying from dehydration and trying to survive on the hot cement bridge, sounds of death, no mercy, trapped like third world wars.

New Orleans was a third world country led by greed and love of money for the rich good old boys of Louisiana.

I hurt because I saw men turn into animals, gunshots fired at decent citizens.

This is one year all Americans need to ask themselves "WHY?"

I will survive.

Darby Beattie
Katrina Survivor

Last updated: 08/30/06