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Catastrophe, Survival, and Recovery: Stories from the Storms

Memories of Katrina
Darby Beattie, New Orleans

I am 62 year old female survivor of Katrina; I am writer/poet. I have put my eight day experience being trapped during and after the storm into poetry. I am glad to be alive and will remain here in Tucson, Arizona. I won't return to New Orleans until the politicians are indicted for criminal neglect of poor American citizens of Louisiana.

My poem:

Memories of Katrina

Natures fury has taken my home,
New Orleans has drown in a disaster storm.
People are fighting to survive,
Mercy is needed to stay alive,
Babies died, seniors drown from criminal neglect,
Greedy nursing home owners didn't care,
Criminals looted and raped, they are project trash of the city.
Five days without food and water, unbearable heat and filth of human sewerage,
Flood waters drown our pets, Levees broke because government money was spent for other uses,
Soldiers finally came with food and water, they cared.
Survival was at its lowest brink, bodies floating in filthy stench flood waters, no human dignity was left.
Drains ran black waters off my roof, winds tore walls, there was total darkness in The Big Easy.
No one cared, rats, bugs, garbage laid on our streets, it is 6 months, garbage still lays and bodies are being found.
New Orleans politics failed, federal government turned their backs on poor Americans.
I was rescued, I am a survivor.

Last updated: 03/16/06