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Catastrophe, Survival, and Recovery: Stories from the Storms

Memories of Katrina
Darby Beattie, New Orleans

Natures fury has taken my home,
Babies crying, men, women drowning
Katrina has taken my life,
There is darkness in the Big Easy.
New Orleans cops ran, they were cowards of the storm,
Soldiers came and gave us food and water,they were saviors of the storm.
Roofs fell and winds sound like speed of sound of terrors and death.
Politicians failed the people of the Big Easy, many are dead without respect.
Rescued by U.S. Air Force choppers, it was hell and terror being trapped 8 days,
Hospital patients died from criminal neglect, doctors ran and nurses left, no transport or evacuation plans in motion 5 days after the storm.
The heat was unbearable, rats, toxic water, humidity made life a hellhole of daily survival.
The U.S.Government flew me to Tucson, Az. People were kind and caring, thank God for the American spirit.
New Orleans was a hellhole of looting, non-caring politics and disrespect for the American way of life.

Last updated: 09/23/05