Real Women Write: Sharing Our Stories, Sharing Our Lives

Volume 16 of Real Women Write: Sharing Our Stories, Sharing Our Lives, our annual anthology by members of Story Circle Network, was published in February 2018. It's a vibrant collection and one that makes us proud of Story Circle's success in supporting women's writing.

It's not too early to be thinking of Volume 17, our next gathering of fiction, lifewriting, and poetry. Choose a subject that interests you, let the words come, and you'll be ready when submissions open on 07/01/2018.

Your participation is vital to a strong anthology. We accept up to three submissions per member; each entry may be up to 1,000 words for prose or 40 lines for poetry. From 07/01/2018 to 09/30/2018, send your entries to SCN via our online submission form. All the publication details are there. (You will need your members-only username and password. If you've forgotten it, go here to retrieve it.) Selection is necessarily limited by space and editorial considerations.

If you're not an SCN member, it's easy to join. We'd love to have you in our circle of writing women. We can offer you a bouquet of benefits, too!

Warmest regards,

Susan Schoch
Real Women Write editor, 2018

About this year's Real Women Write editor:

Susan Schoch has been a freelance writer and editor for decades, specializing in personal history, memoir, and biography, most recently The Clay Connection: Jim and Nan McKinnell, published by the American Museum of Ceramic Art. An SCN member since 2002, she joined the Board in 2016 as chair of the Publications Workgroup. She is also a frequent reviewer and editor at Story Circle Book Reviews. Along with SCN, she is committed to women's growth through the empowering focus of writing and recognizing women's stories.