The Story Circle Journal

"What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open."
—Muriel Rukeyser

The Story Circle Journal is a quarterly members-only newsletter, published in March, June, September, and December. It is written by and for women with stories to tell and designed to encourage readers to become writers, guide women to set down their true stories, support women's creativity, and make possible the sharing of women's lives.

Each 24-page issue of the Journal includes ideas for writing chapters of your life's story, reviews of helpful books, readers' writings, news about the on-going growth of the Story Circle Network, notes from Story Circles around the country, and a calendar of coming events. Topics from a few of our recent newsletters:

  • news about the Network's most recent national conference
  • information about the upcoming LifeLines conference
  • an article on journaling
  • reviews of recent books by women
  • "True Words from Real Women," a collection of poetry and prose written by readers
  • stories by the winners of the Susan Wittig Albert LifeWriting Competition
  • a roundup of notes from Story Circles around the country and on-line
  • news about writers' markets
  • a report from the SCN Board of Directors
  • a calendar of coming events

The Story Circle Journal connects members with a growing network of women who are committed to exploring and enriching their lives through writing and sharing.

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Journal Table of Contents:

  1. Vol. 1: 1997
  2. Vol. 2: 1998
  3. Vol. 3: 1999
  4. Vol. 4: 2000
  5. Vol. 5: 2001
  6. Vol. 6: 2002
  7. Vol. 7: 2003
  8. Vol. 8: 2004
  9. Vol. 9: 2005
  10. Vol. 10: 2006
  11. Vol. 11: 2007
  12. Vol. 12: 2008
  13. Vol. 13: 2009
  14. Vol. 14: 2010
  15. Vol. 15: 2011
  16. Vol. 16: 2012
  17. Vol. 17: 2013
  18. Vol. 18: 2014
  19. Vol. 19: 2015
  20. Vol. 20: 2016
  21. Vol. 21: 2017
  22. Vol. 22: 2018

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