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Why Circles Are So Powerful: A Message from a Past President



"Storytelling is healing. As we reveal ourselves in story, we become aware of the continuing core of our lives under the fragmented surface of our experience. We become aware of the multifaceted, multichaptered 'I' who is the storyteller. We can trace out the paradoxical and even contradictory versions of ourselves that we create for different occasions, different audiences... Most important, as we become aware of ourselves as storytellers, we realized that what we understand and imagine about ourselves is a story. And when we know all this, we can use our stories to heal and make ourselves whole."

—Susan Wittig Albert, Writing From Life

   Thank you so much for your uplifting letter and your "welcome back" to Story Circle Network. I have really missed my SCN sisters... I feel like it will save my life in many different ways by allowing me to share my story once again and to hear the stories of beautiful women. Listening to other's stories is one of my favorite pastimes. Also, when I went to SCN workshops I loved sitting in a circle and reading my words out loud. What a powerful tool for each of us to share our truth. —Jeanne in Texas, July 2015

I cannot believe how blessed I am to discover the Story Circle Network. I want to share how wonderful our first [OWL-Circle] meeting was yesterday. We were 10 women who loved the opportunity to write and to share. It was really a very successful and meaningful experience for ALL of us. Thank you again for this wonderful work! —Rosalie in New York

I have never before felt the inclination to 'affiliate' with anything. Story Circle Network appeared on this screen as the most fiercely loving energy for women with the NEED to write...I could not believe my eyes. These circles have changed my life in these last months... Makes it crystal clear that we all have such common ground, such common heart. I am not dancing in these circles because I am bored and need a hobby. It is something else entirely. And it is Spiritual. —Grace in New Mexico

What a great idea to collaborate with each other. It is such a gift to be a part of a circle of women... I think that the support that we can provide each other is synergistic; it multiplies what we can do alone. —Lisa in Maryland


The Story Circle Network is an international not-for-profit membership organization made up of women who want to document their lives and explore their personal stories through journaling, memoir, autobiography, personal essays, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, and mixed-media.

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