Advertising with Story Circle Network

As you plan the marketing campaign for your book, writing program, or writing-related workshop or conference, please consider Story Circle as a partner in your promotional efforts. Story Circle provides a unique voice and a wide range of services for women readers and writers. Partnering with us allows you to target your promotion efforts and take advantage of SCN's growing reputation in the international community of women writers. Depending on your budget, you can choose from five packages.

NOTE: SCN dues-paying members receive a 15% discount off of the total advertising amount due.

This page is a request form, so that we can review your advertising and make sure it fits our publications. If we accept your ad, we will send you payment instructions.

  1. Advertising on our StoryCircleBookReviews pages.
    StoryCircleBookReviews provides a review venue for women-authored books published by small presses, university and regional presses. With over 1200 reviews and a team of sixty-some reviewers, StoryCircleBookReviews is the largest and most comprehensive women's book review site on the Internet. It is now in its eleventh year. Ads on the site appear, in rotation, on all reviews posted since 2009. Click here to see how your ad might appear to our thousands of page viewers every month. Ads are carefully screened for quality and content. Your ad will be in good company!

    NOTE: our ads rotate automatically. Each time a page is displayed, a different set of ads will be shown.


    • one-four months: $35/month
    • five or more months: $30/month

  2. Advertising in our National and StoryCircleBookReviews e-letters.
    Each month, Story Circle mails two e-letters to over 3800 subscribers. Ads are prominently displayed in the right panel of each e-letter. The e-letters are archived and remain available online. Your ad can appear in one or the other or both e-letters. Click here to see how your ad would appear in our national e-letter. Click here to see how your ad would appear in our SCBR e-letter.

    NOTE: We can only accept 5 ads per issue of the e-letter. If we have reached that limit, we will let you know when we respond to your request—and we'll let you know the dates of the e-letter(s) in which your ad could appear.


    • one-four issues: $35/issue (emailed monthly)
    • five or more issues: $30/issue (emailed monthly)
    (You can specify whether you'd like your ad in the National e-letter or the StoryCircleBookReviews e-letter, or both.)

  3. Combo Advertising on the SCBR website and in the e-letters.

    You can advertise on both the website and in the e-letter(s) at a reduced cost, ensuring a maximum exposure for your book or other writing-related activity or product.


    • one-four months on the website plus one-four e-letter issues: $60/month
      For example, your book comes out in August. You might decide to advertise on the website and in the national e-letter for the months of September, October, November, December. Your cost for the combo: $60 a month, for a total of $240.
    • five or more months on the website plus five or more e-letter issues: $50/month
      Add another month and you qualify for the substantially lower rate: $250 for five months (compared to $240 for four).

  4. Advertising in our quarterly Journal & annual True Words Anthology.
    SCN's quarterly Journal includes ideas for writing chapters of your life's story, reviews of helpful books, members' writings, news about the on-going growth of the Story Circle Network, notes from Story Circles around the country, and a calendar of coming events. The annual True Words Anthology includes members' writings on a variety of topics. Both the quarterly Journal and the annual True Words Anthology appear in both a print edition and online (in downloadable pdf format). You can purchase advertising in the Journal & Anthology, in various sizes/rates:

    Rates: (click or mouse-over to see a chart of our ad sizes)

    • 1/8 page (3.5" x 2.375"): $35
    • 1/4 page (3.5" x 4.75"): $60
    • 1/2 page (7.25" x 4.75" [horizontal] or 3.5" x 9.825" [vertical]): $120
    • full page (7.25" x 9.825"): $240
    Multi-issue discounts: 10% off for 2 issues, 15% off for 3, 20% off for 4 or more.

    Camera ready copy only, please.

    We can work with files in PDF, tiff, jpg, or any photoshop file format. Vector images are preferred.

    Advertising Deadlines:

    • Journal:
      • March issue: February 1
      • June issue: May 1
      • September issue: August 1
      • December issue: November 1
    • True Words Anthology:
      • Fall, 2019 issue: September 15
    NOTE: If we don't receive your copy by the deadline, your reservation will be either changed to the next available issue (at your request) or your money refunded (at your request), minus a 20% cancellation fee.

Advertising We Accept

We're choosy, so you can be confident that your ad won't appear in a context that might embarrass you. Here's what we consider:
  • books by, for, and about women, like those we recommend on our website
  • writing workshops, classes, conferences, programs by or for women
  • other book- or writing-related items
  • format: we do not accept printed copy; send your ad to us via email:
    • SC-BR website and e-letters: your ad must be a jpg or gif file, no larger than 150x240 pixels
    • Journal, anthology, and conference program: your ad must be camera-ready copy: PDF, TIFF, or high res JPG

Please use this form to place an advertisment on our website. Our advertising manager will review your request. If the ad fits the requirements of our site, she will contact you to let you know how to make your payment.

Your Advertising Request

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2. Are you currently a dues-paying member of the Story Circle Network? Yes / No
(NOTE: you may be subscribed to our free e-letters but are not a dues-paying member of Story Circle Network; our dues-paying members receive our quarterly print Journal, as well as other printed material. Not yet a member? Interested in joining? See our online membership form)
3. Where do you want to place your ad?
on the StoryCircleBookReviews site for months
SC-BR Payment Details:

in the monthly National & StoryCircleBookReviews e-letters in issues
E-letter Payment Details:
Combo Payment Details:

in the quarterly Story Circle Journal in issues
Size ad: 1/8 page / 1/4 page / 1/2 page / 1 page
Journal Payment Details:

in the annual Story Circle True Words Anthology
Size ad: 1/8 page / 1/4 page / 1/2 page / 1 page
Anthology Payment Details:

1/8 page / 1/4 page / 1/2 page / 1 page 1 page

4. For StoryCircleBookReviews site & e-letter ads only:
a. URL (web address) of the ad you want us to run on our website or in our eletters:
http:// (ex.
  • If the image is not on the internet, please put "n/a" and email the image to us at this address:
  • If we already have the image (from a previous ad), please put "use previous ad."
  • format: your ad must be a jpg or gif file, no larger than 150x240 pixels

b. Link you want us to use with your ad: http://
(i.e. your website or blog, page for your book, etc.)

5. For journal, anthology, & Conference Program (PRINT) ads only:
Please create the layout of my print ad, using the copy and graphics I will send to (a $20 fee will be added to the amount due for 1/2 or full page ads; 1/8 and 1/4 page ads will be created for you for no additional fee.)
6. Brief description of what you want to advertise:
7. Comments/Questions/Concerns:

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