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There's an Angel in Your Inkwell®: workshops, coaching, other services, and fun stuff for writers
Articles About Writing: Professional writing articles
The Legacy Guide: Capturing the Facts, Memories, and Meaning of Your Life: The perfect companion to recording your life or that of a loved one.
Memoir-Writing Workshops by Nan Phifer
Moontown Cafe: Poetry site designed to help writers succeed in the world of poetry...many resources to help get your poems read, critiqued, and published...feature all styles of poetry including: love poems, haikus, rhyming poetry, myth, nature, humor, children's, tanka, free verse, structure, love poems and much more...free poetry contests for a chance to win cash prizes. "We love poems and hope you love our poetry site!"
Book Coaching: Book Coaching, Book Writing, print and eBook publishing and Book Marketing
Memories are Forever: a place to gather with others to share ideas and learn ways to help you preserve your memories of a loved one
Freelance Writing Organization: Writing Links and Resources
"Inside Lives": a Local-BBC project in which a team of story-tellers work with members of the public, forming story-circles, to enable them to record and recount their own true-life story, in their own words.
Penny Leisch: Penny's Pens & Pics: More than just a Penny's worth of writing and business resources.
Linda Lipinski: "A Legacy to Remember": An album designed to help you leave your heirs your beliefs, wisdom, and values, known as an ethical will, combined with photo and scrapbook memories...
Cynthia Long: "A Sacred Memory": beautiful keepsakes capturing every milestone event in a person's life...
Doreene Clement: "The 5 Year Journal"
PersonalWriting.org / The Diarist's Journal
"Human Values in Aging" newsletter: A monthly electronic newsletter, containing news about humanistic gerontology, including topics such as autobiography and life-review, lifelong learning, and late-life creativity. The newsletter is published by the Institute for Human Values in Aging, under support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. For a sample copy or free subscription, contact: valuesinaging@yahoo.com.
Sherry Sharp: "Women in the Waves" Writing Workshop
Marguerite Kearns: "Milkweed Butterfly"
TimePieces Personal Biographies
Helen Ginger: "Doing it Write!"
I, Witness to History
The Well-Fed Writer
Intensive Journal
Maggie Knorr: "Writing for Life"
Memory Catchers, Personal Historians/Book Publishers
Capturing Memories
Writer's Digest
Center for Autobiographic Studies
National Journal Network
Diaries & Journals Reading & Discussion Group
Linda Myers' "Memories and Memoirs" website
About.com Guide to Journals

*Writing Groups/Organizations:

B. Lynn Goodwin
StorySistas.com, where women 50+ connect and support through stories.
A Room of Her Own Foundation: a foundation for women writers & artists. AROHO is dedicated to furthering the vision of Virginia Woolf and bridging the gap between a woman.s economic reality and her artistic creation.
Yaphattainment International: a multimedia entertainment company on a mission to bring you an eclectic mix of stories from around the world with the sole purpose of connecting cultures and promoting global humanity
The Center for Journal Therapy: an organization dedicated to making the healing art of journal writing accessible to all who desire self-directed change. The Center for Journal Therapy is the premier source of education and training on the power of writing to heal body, psyche and soul.
Society of Women Writers & Journalists: international association; is the UK's oldest society for women writers; is affiliated to women's associations across the world.
Zona Rosa: Writing organization founded by writing coach and award-winning writer Rosemary Daniell
Publishers and Agents.net: connects writers with publishers and agents
AboutConference.com: designed to help you find writing conference information
Association of Personal Historians
Writers' League of Texas
Bay Area Writers' League (Clear Lake, TX)


EJ Phillips: Woman: What She Has Done With Where She Has Been: an anthology of the stories of contemporary women who have faced adversity and overcome it, as well as EJ's personal history
Debbie Smith: "Speak Easy Teahouse" for those interested in self-publishing
Deborah Morgan: "Writing Out Loud"
Susie Kelly Flatau
Women's Bookshelf

*Womens' Issues/Health/Aging/Studies:

"Sacred Life Arts": Inspirational classes and spiritual direction for women
Persimmon Tree: an online literary magazine; a showcase for the creativity and talent of women over sixty.
WOW! Wise Older Women!: Nancy Garland's site
Leadership Texas Alumnae Association: the premier network of women leaders inspiring excellence
Spiral Muse: An organization to connect and inspire women as community, manifesting their visions and living their dreams
PeerSpirit: Christina Baldwin & Ann Linnea
About Aging: Resources: aging related news, books and web resources
Lucy Greer Burton: "Women's Global Connection": A gathering place for women's wisdom, experience, and spirituality
Carol Waid & Nathalie Sorrell: "Truth be Told"
Southwest Women
Crones Unlimited
Sonia Pressman Fuentes: Feminist, author, public speaker
Joyce Chapman: "Live Your Dream"
Barbara Becker Holstein, Ed.D.: "The Enchanted Self"
Breast Cancer Resource Center of Austin
Seton Cove
Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Lawrence, M.A.
The Isis Institute of Women's Studies


28 Boring Words and What to Use Instead
online word counter that helps you meet word requirements, evaluate length of sentences, and define typing and reading speed
online grammar checker
A Tax Cheat Sheet for Kindle eBook Self-Publishing
Grammar Check: commonly misunderstood words/phrases
Writing Resources: 150 Resources to Help You Write Better, Faster, and More Persuasively
The Ultimate Freelance Writing Career Guide
Literary Database: "the submission database by writers, for writers"
Self Publish Memory Books, Travel Journals with Lifetrackers: Life Trackers print system allows you to self publish a travel journal, memory book, or group writing project.
HeritageCookbook.com: create & publish your very own cookbook with pictures & stories & recipes
Eagle Hope: Help young people reach their full potential
Jung Society of Austin

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