Be Our Guest!
with Janet Conner
Author of Writing Down Your Soul:
How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within

Monday, September 28, 2009
First United Methodist Church Family Life Center
(NW corner of Lavaca and 13th Street)
Austin, Texas

Janet Connor Everyone has innate spiritual intelligence. Writers know this. We tap into that deep well of creative possibility when we sit down to write. Sometimes, as the words pour forth, we sense that we are not the only writer writing. When something beautiful lands on the page, we smile with pride but we also look at it and wonder, "Where did that come from?"

Janet Conner has some interesting answers to that question. When she received the contract for Writing Down Your Soul (Conari Press), she set out to discover what science has to say about the transformative power of writing. In our conversation, Janet will share what she learned from experts in psychology, brain chemistry, and brain wave function. Turns out the magic happens in the theta brain wave state, a state that can be induced in seven easy and rather fun steps. Janet will show us how.

Bring a journal, a couple questions you'd like help with on your current projects, and your most important possession, the joy and wonder of writing. Refreshments, including plenty of water, will be provided (Janet will explain how water fits into writing).

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