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A growing number of Story Circle Network members are sharing their stories by blogging. If you're a dues-paying SCN member and have a blog, let us know (at news at so we can list you here.

Each month, we choose one of our SCN bloggers to be featured in our national eletter. The selection is made on the basis of the blog's outstanding content, visual appeal, and the importance of its contribution to the growing universe of lifestory blogging. We've marked these featured bloggers with a *

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Want to include our blog "button" on your blog, with a link back to the SCN site? See the instructions, below the blog list.

  1. Story Circle Network:;

  2. Jamuna Advani:

  3. Susan Wittig Albert:

  4. Melanie Alberts:

  5. Lee Ambrose: * [May 2011]

  6. Pat Anthony:

  7. Christine Baleshta:

  8. Charlene Ball:

  9. Stephanie Barko:

  10. Pat Bean: * [Aug 2010] * [May 2014]

  11. Joyce Boatright:

  12. Belle Brett:

  13. Mary-Elizabeth Briscoe:

  14. Priyanka Chatterjee:

  15. Mary Jo Doig: * [Apr 2015];

  16. Patricia Eagle:

  17. Karin Esterhammer:

  18. Marcia Fine:

  19. Robin Gainey:

  20. Lynn Goodwin: * [Jan 2016]

  21. Catherine Graham:

  22. Jeanne Guy: * [Jul 2015]

  23. Jill Hall:

  24. Linda M. Hasselstrom: * [Feb 2015]

  25. Jazz Jaeschke: * [Apr 2016]

  26. Mary Avery Kabrich:

  27. Georgina Kemm:

  28. VJ Knutson:;

  29. Pat LaPointe:

  30. Maya Lazarus: * [Sep 2013]

  31. Ethel Lee-Miller: * [Aug 2016]

  32. Juliana Lightle: * [Jan 2013];

  33. Teresa Lynn:

  34. Linda Marshall: * [Mar 2014]

  35. Antoinette Martin: * [Jun 2018]

  36. Myra McIlvain:

  37. Merimee Moffitt:

  38. Dede Montgomery:

  39. Trilla Pando: * [Oct 2011];

  40. Ann Parker: * [Nov 2018]

  41. Kathleen Paul:

  42. Diane Pomerantz:

  43. Karen Roberts:

  44. Kathleen Rodgers:

  45. Madeline Sharples: * [Apr 2017]

  46. Lisa Shirah-Hiers:

  47. Ann Shortell:

  48. Martha Slavin: * [May 2015]

  49. Jeane Slone:

  50. Lynne Spreen:

  51. Kathryn Summers:

  52. Shelley Thrasher:

  53. Linda Thune:

  54. Christine Volker:

  55. Jude Whelley: * [Feb 2011]; * [May 2016]

  56. Kathryn Williams:

  57. Marjorie Witt: * [Oct 2018]

  58. Joanna Young:;

  59. Ariela Zucker:

If you're using WordPress (self-hosted or on, you can add the button and link in a sidebar widget.

  1. Upload the blog button and note the URL of the uploaded image.
    Wordpress instructions:
    • In your DASHBOARD, select MEDIA in the left column.
    • Then select ADD NEW in the menu that drops down under Media.
    • Select the SELECT FILES button in the "Upload New Media" screen.
    • Navigate to the place on your computer hard drive where you have the button image file.
    • Highlight that file then click on the SELECT button. The image will upload and you can show or hide its information.
    • In the slot next to the words "File URL" you sill see the location of your uploaded file. Highlight that and go to EDIT>>COPY. [ex. -- yours will say something similar only with your blog name and date.]
    • Paste that File URL in a text document so you can use it later.
  2. Click on the Design tab and click on the Widgets menu item.
  3. Add a Text widget.

If you're using Wordpress, create a side bar text widget:

  1. In your DASHBOARD, select APPEARANCE in the left column.
  2. Select WIDGETS from the drop-down menu
  3. Drag and drop a TEXT widget into the Sidebar. You can change its position up and down in the sidebar.
  4. Select the wee arrow on the right to open the text widget
  5. Paste the following into the body of the widget then replace the image source (shown in green here) to the one you copied in STEP 1 (we've left the TITLE empty):
    <p style="text-align:center;"> <a href=""> <img src=""> </a> </p>
  6. Select SAVE and close the TEXT widget box.
  7. Check your blog to see if it worked.

If you're using Blogger or Blogspot, add a Page Element to your sidebar.

  1. Click on your blog's Layout tab.
  2. Click on the Add a Page Element link above the sidebar elements.
  3. Select the Picture element by clicking on the Add to Blog button next to it.
  4. Upload the image you saved to your computer and enter the link to SCN blog.
  5. Click Save on the Configure Image window.
  6. Click Save on the Add and Arrange Page Elements section to save your changes.
  7. You're done! View your blog to see your button. Note: if you click on Preview before saving your changes, the link won't be active yet.