Story Circle Network Online Writers' Roundtables

Online Writers' Roundtables

"Writing can be a desperately lonely affair, and having someone who believes in us and supports our efforts can make a huge difference. It can help us believe in ourselves, and that belief can change our lives." —Susan Wittig Albert

If you're a dues-paying SCN member looking for support and encouragement with your writing, we can help. Via Yahoo Groups, we offer three different Online Writers' Roundtables, designed to connect writers at different levels of experience.

In the words of one of our facilitators, these groups bring women together around a table with coffee or tea and cookies—chocolate, of course!—sharing our goals and dreams. We discuss the issues and questions arising from our writing practice, learn how other writers work, and share ideas that enrich our writing lives. (But not our actual writing. If you're looking for that kind of creative exchange, check out the eCircles in our Internet Chapter.)

Members can choose from groups at three levels of writing experience. (Uh-oh. You're not a dues-paying member? Go here to join us and gain all the other wonderful benefits of our women's writing community.)

  1. LifeWriters is for startup writers who are looking for encouragement and help in developing a consistent, focused writing practice through journaling, memoir, fiction, or poetry. The group is fairly structured, with email discussions facilitated by an experienced facilitator and focused on writing activities.
    (This group is currently inactive. If you're interested, let us know. We're keeping a waiting list.)

  2. Writer2Writer is an intermediate group for writers who have already developed a fairly mature, consistent writing practice and are working on defined writing projects in any genre. Loosely structured email discussions include topics of interest generated by group members.

  3. WorkInProgress is for writers who have either been published or are working on specific projects aimed at near-term publication. Unstructured discussion topics in this group include writing and editing, publishing (traditional and independent), marketing, working with agents, platform development, and similar topics.

If you'd like to join one of these SCN members-only groups, please click the button below to tell us about your interests. We'll help you find the group that seems best suited to your writing interest and experience. Not a dues-paying member? Go here to join us.