Uncover, Recover, and Discover Your True Memoir

A Writing from Life Workshop:
with Jan Marquart
Jan Marquart

November 2, 2013, 9am-4pm
Family Life Center (Epiphany classroom), First United Methodist Church
1300 Lavaca St, Austin TX 78701

   Just as there are many ways to tell a story, the personal stories of our lives can be seen from many angles. The perspective we choose can determine how we understand our lives, make decisions for the future, and heal wounds. For instance, how would you describe yourself? Are you a:
  • complainer
  • procrastinator
  • optimist
  • pessimist or
  • denier of reality
When you think about your life, do you feel...
  • angry
  • satisfied
  • shame-based
  • vulnerable
  • unworthy
  • worthy
  • envious
  • revengeful
  • inspired, just to name a few?
This is a key question you must ask when writing your memoir. Although the emotional and psychological perspective you own is—in and of itself, part of your memoir, it holds the potential to color your stories, alter the facts, and overlook the true meaning and reasons behind events.

Often we fail to understand the motivation that initially led us to make one set of choices rather than another. Writing a memoir empowers us by giving us the opportunity to use our words to change unhappy outcomes, to recreate and to re-decide what we would like our futures to look like. Writing memoir is an act of extraordinary healing.

To uncover, recover, and discover your true memoir requires taking a look back into your memories that are comprised of the details, conversations, hopes, wishes, relationships, and other components of a memory. Your life will have its own editing and discovery through the act of writing your personal story.

Uncover, Recover, and Discover Your True Memoir will be a workshop of much creativity. Additional forms of personal expression will be used to set the stage for your writing experience, to keep you on task, and to remind you to look at your memories from a wider, deeper, and wilder perspective.

Tentative Workshop Schedule:
  • 9-9:30am: Coffee & registration
  • 9:30am-noon: Session I
  • noon-1pm: Lunch: provided on-site with the workshop fee. Those with special dietary needs should contact the conference coordinator ahead of time to make special arrangements.
  • 1-4pm Session II

Registration Information:
  • Date: Saturday, November 2, 9am-4pm

  • Location: Family Life Center (Epiphany classroom), First United Methodist Church, 1300 Lavaca St, Austin TX 78701

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  • Cost: $150 for non-members (which includes a one-year SCN membership); $95 for dues-paying Story Circle Network members. The registration fee covers the cost of instruction, lunch, coffee/tea, & handout materials.

    Enrollment is limited so that we can allow all participants time to share. Please register early via our online enrollment form.

    Registration/Payment Deadline: Saturday, October 26. We must receive your registration and payment by this date!

    SCHOLARSHIP for FOOD! We are offering a full scholarship to this event for someone good at organizing, who will be asked to bring snacks, set up the coffee and snack table, call in lunch orders, and pick the lunches up. The cost of food and beverages will be covered by Story Circle Network. This person will miss part of the session just before lunch and will need to arrive half an hour early to set up and stay after for half an hour to oversee the cleanup. Interested? Please email us at wfl at storycircle.org. NOTE: as of 05/23/2013, this position has been filled...

  • Refund/Cancellation Policy: We will refund your registration fee, less a $20 cancellation charge, if you request it up to 15 days before the workshop. After that date, we will refund your fee only if we are able to fill your space from our waiting list. We reserve the right to cancel the workshop; if so, we will refund your full registration fee. You can contact us at
    Story Circle Network, 723 W University Ave #300-234, Georgetown TX 78626
    wfl at storycircle.org

Things to Bring & Things to Leave at Home:
  • Bring:
    • pens and paper (enough for writing assignments)
    • a stack of old magazines
    • scissors, scotch tape, stapler, or glue stick
    • colored pencils
    • two family pictures from any period
    • patience and a willingness to be kind to yourself

  • Leave your laptop (and any other computer) at home. (Some people are bothered by the clicking of keys in a quiet writing period.)

  • Bring a sweater or shawl to ward off drafts.

  • We provide coffee & tea. We also provide lunch. If you want morning &/or afternoon snack or other drinks (such as colas), please bring them.

  • Leave your prepared writing at home. We read & share only what we write in the workshop.

  • Leave your perfume at home; some people are allergic to perfumes & highly-scented products.

Facilitator: Jan Marquart:
Jan Marquart Jan Marquart, LCSW, author, and CEO of About The Author Network has written daily journals since 1972. She is a self-published author of 8 books and has had articles, stories, poems, and essays published in local and on line publications. She has taught on line writing classes with Story Circle Network and has given in person workshops on memoir, writing from the heart, writing to heal, and more. And Jan has been a counselor for the last 32 years. Read more on her website.