Sarton Women's Book Awards™: Application

Entry Deadline: November 15, 2019

The Sarton Women's Book Awards™ honors the best in women's memoirs and contemporary and historical fiction published during 2017-2019. The award is named in honor of May Sarton, who is remembered for her memoirs, novels, and poetry, and is sponsored by The Story Circle Network (SCN), an international nonprofit association of women writers.

Eligibility. Works published in North America during the eligibility timeframe (January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2019) are eligible. All submissions must be bound books, in their finished, reader-ready form. See the complete guidelines for further information.

Selection and Award. The final selection of the winner is made by professional librarians. Winners and finalists will be announced on the Story Circle Network websites and to its extensive email list. Award information here.

Entry Fee. Early Bird Entry (through July 1, 2019): $90. Regular Entry (through November 15, 2019): $110. (All entries include a one-year membership in the Story Circle Network).

This application form must be completed online, with entry fee paid online or a check for the entry fee mailed to the address below. If you cannot submit online, please email for instructions. However, we would very much appreciate the online completion of the application form.

Applicant Information: (Fill this in if the applicant is not the author. If the applicant is the author, leave this section blank. If the submission is selected as a winner, the author will be notified.)
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Entry fee. The entry fee of $90 (includes a one-year membership in the Story Circle Network) may be paid online (instructions on next page, after the application form is submitted) or by mail, to the address below.
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Submission package. The submission package consists of the following required items:

  1. An entry fee of $90 (includes a one-year membership in the Story Circle Network) for each submission, paid online or by check mailed to
  2. Author questionnaire (link will be provided upon completion of this form)
  3. A completed application form for each submission, submitted online. If you cannot submit online, please email for instructions.
  4. Three non-returnable copies of each submission, mailed to one of the addresses below:
    • Memoir and nonfiction:
      Sarton Women's Book Awards Coordinator
      Susan Wittig Albert
      PO Box 1616
      Bertram TX 78605-1616

    • Fiction:
      Sarton Women's Book Awards Coordinator
      Paula Stallings Yost
      690 Private Road 5860
      Yantis TX 75497-4557
The application must be completed, author questionnaire submitted, and payment received by November 15, 2019. Books must be postmarked no later than November 15, 2019. Submissions that do not meet these requirements are incomplete and ineligible for this year's competition but (if published in 2019) will be held for the 2019 competition. The entry fee for incomplete submissions will not be returned. A stamped self-addressed postcard may be included with the books if confirmation of receipt of complete package is desired.

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