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July 2005

Miriam's Kitchen: a Memoir
Elizabeth Ehrlich

An appealing, sensitive account of an assimilated Jewish woman's efforts to embrace the religious traditions of her ancestors. Former Business Week reporter Ehrlich (Nellie Bly, 1989) recounts a childhood where Judaism was merely kosher-style...

  1. Why do you think Elizabeth became interested in keeping kosher? What do you think Miriam's Kitchen is a metaphor for?

  2. This book emphasizes the idea of women as the transmitters of family culture. How have you seen that in your life?

  3. What was your personal reaction to the details of keeping kosher? To the experiences of the Holocaust?

  4. Did you find the structure of the book—divided into months, followed by a present-day description, followed by different histories—easy to read or confusing?

  5. What in this book could you connect to your own life? Did any of her experiences and thoughts connect to your own?

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