Inside and Out: Women's Truths, Women's Stories

Contributors have been proud to share and show their prized copies of SCN's newest book

Sipra Roy
Sipra Roy's "Fragments from My Childhood" adds international flavor and experience to Inside and Out.

Mary Jo Doig
Members of the OWL Circle of Memories group - (L to R) Mona Ruttenberg, Ellen Longmoore, Mariclaire Hale, and Jo Ann Perkins - gather around their leader, Mary Jo Doig, whose powerful essay, "I Can't Breathe," is included in the anthology.

Ethel Lee-Miller Ethel Lee-Miller enjoyed sharing Inside and Out with her Tucson writing colleague and reader, Bee Bloeser. Ethel's included story is "You Have to be Carefully Taught."

Debra Dolan
Debra Dolan with extra copies of Inside and Out, which holds her essay "An Imagined Phone Conversation."

Sara Etgen-Baker
Sara Etgen-Baker, and her chief booster (and husband) Bill Baker, shared their delight in seeing Sara's essay, "Culinary Treasures," included in Inside and Out.

Pat Bean
Veteran journalist Pat Bean is pleased that her work, "The Little Girl in the Photograph," is in Inside and Out.

Penelope Starr
Tucson storyteller Penelope Starr shows off her new copy of Inside and Out, with her essay "Kitchen Revolution."

Karen Buley
Karen Buley is proud to be part of Inside and Out, which includes her story "Childbirth 1977."

Deborah Bowers
Deborah Doblado Bowers' story, "Becoming an Elder of the Earth," is also included in Inside and Out.

Jeanne Guy
Jeanne Guy's essay, "Heart," is a powerful addition to Inside and Out.

Jude Walsh Whelley
In her Inside and Out essay, "The Cat Came Back," Jude Walsh paints a charming and poignant picture of her family.

Marian McCaa Thomas
Marian McCaa Thomas shared a sweet story of young love in the book. Her "Long-ago Romance" comes with a twist that might open some eyes.