SCN's Donors' Circle

Thank You to Our Generous Donors!

We are enormously grateful to all of our wonderful donors, who help to support our programs, publications, and projects.

15 donors have donated $ 11922.37 during 2017 - 2018.


And another big thank you to all of the members who upgraded their basic membership to a higher level. You, too, greatly aid in supporting Story Circle's mission.

  • Albert, Susan Wittig (benefactor)
  • Ambrose, Lee (friend)
  • Ashbaugh, Marilyn (donor)
  • Bull, Lois Ann (friend)
  • Collins, Marilyn (prolevel1)
  • Dalglish, Sonja (friend)
  • Davidson, Cynthia (friend)
  • Davis, Joy (prolevel2)
  • DeMars, Bonnie (friend)
  • Dorsano, Sofia (friend)
  • Dreyfus, Patricia (prolevel1)
  • Dunn-Fierstein, Patricia (donor)
  • Easley, MaryAnn (prolevel1)
  • Elrod, Prissy (prolevel1)
  • Flemr, Susan (friend)
  • Gibson, Julia (friend)
  • Goodwin, Lynn (prolevel2)
  • Jaeschke, Jazz (supporter)
  • LaPointe, Pat (friend)
  • Lazarus, Maya (contributor)
  • Lightle, Juliana (prolevel3)
  • MacDonald, Marylee (prolevel3)
  • Meyer, Jan (donor)
  • Miller, Donna Marie (prolevel1)
  • Moffitt, Sallie (friend)
  • Nerestant, Krista (prolevel1)
  • November, Abby (donor)
  • Painter, Lucy (friend)
  • Paul, Kathleen (donor)
  • Petro, Dianne (friend)
  • Pfister, Jere (friend)
  • Samuels, Marlene (prolevel3)
  • Santarelli, Barbara (supporter)
  • Sasser, Danelle (donor)
  • Slavin, Martha (friend)
  • Sparks, Caroline (prolevel1)
  • Steel, Catherine (donor)
  • Watters, Judy (prolevel1)
  • Winterspring, Cynthia (prolevel1)