Stories From the Heart
Friday, April 15
9am Registration opens [Highland Lakes Foyer]
9am Exhibitors Room opens (hours: 9am-4pm, 5:30-7:30pm) [Guadalupe/Barton Creek Rooms]
9-11:30am Heart-to-Heart: 15-minute coaching sessions with experts in writing, editing, marketing. Sign-ups required (March 11-April 1).
[Lake LBJ Room]
noon-1:45pm Optional Pre-Conference Workshop (not included in your registration; extra fee for this workshop)
[Lake LBJ Room]
2-3:45pm Optional Pre-Conference Workshop (not included in your registration; extra fee for this workshop)
[Lake LBJ Room]
4-5pm Conference Welcome session: Susan Wittig Albert, SCN President
[Lake Austin Room]
5:30-7:30pm Dutch-treat dinner, Wyndham Hotel restaurant
6pm Silent Auction opens [Lady Bird Lake Room]
7:30pm Sarton Memoir Award Presentation: Susan Wittig Albert & Paula Stallings Yost
Keynote Speech [Lake Austin Room] with Brooke Warner
(Dessert reception following; included in registration fee) [Lady Bird Lake Room]

Saturday, April 16
8:30am Registration opens [Highland Lakes Foyer]
8:30am Silent Auction opens [Lady Bird Lake Room]
8:30am Exhibitors Room opens (hours: 8:30am-12:30pm, 2-6pm) [Guadalupe/Barton Creek Rooms]
9-10:30am Session 1
10:30-11am ***Coffee/Tea Break*** [Highland Lakes Foyer]
The winner of our Sarton Women's Memoir Award will sign/sell her book.
11am-12:30pm Session 2
12:30-2pm Lunch (included in registration fee) [Highland Lakes Ballroom]
Entertainment: readings from some of the Sarton Literary Award winners' books
2-3:30pm ***Free time & Special Sessions***
3pm ***Drinks & light refreshments*** [Highland Lakes Foyer]
3:30-5pm Session 3
5:30pm Silent Auction closes [Lady Bird Lake Room]
5-8pm free time; Dutch-treat dinner, Wyndham Hotel restaurant and other nearby restaurants
We will have several "Special Interest" tables
8-10pm After-dinner Open Mike: Storytelling from the Heart [Lake Austin, Lake Travis, & Lake LBJ Rooms]

Sunday, April 17
9-10:30am Session 4
10:30-11am ***Coffee/Tea Break*** [Highland Lakes Foyer]
11am-12:30pm Session 5
12:30-2pm Lunch (included in registration fee) [Highland Lakes Ballroom]
Luncheon Speech: Community, with Susan Wittig Albert

Preliminary Program
more details coming soon... *

Friday Afternoon Pre-Conference Workshops
noon-1:45pm; 2-3:45pm
(There's an extra fee for each of these workshops. Please pre-register.)


Session 1: 9-10:30am

more details coming soon...

Session 2: 11am-12:30pm

more details coming soon...

Special Sessions: 2-3:30pm

more details coming soon...

Session 3: 3:30-5pm

more details coming soon...


Session 4: 9-10:30am

more details coming soon...

Session 5: 11am-12:30pm

more details coming soon...

Story-Telling From the Heart: Open Mike
Saturday Night, Live,
in Austin Texas

Stories From the Heart

It's Saturday night in Austin TX—what would you like to do after you've enjoyed a fine dinner at one of Austin's many great restaurants? Well, you might take in a film, or visit Austin's disco district (the River City is widely known as the Live Music Capital of the World).

Or we could all hang out together and swap stories.

Swap stories?

Hey, what a great idea! After all, isn't that what Story Circle is all about? And who has more stories to swap than women—women who have loved and laughed and cried and succeeded and failed and survived and, yes, triumphed! Creative, canny, crafty, clever, courageous women. Women who have lived ordinary, extraordinary, and sometimes downright outrageous lives!

So for Saturday night's entertainment, we offer you—ta da! (a flourish of trumpets and rattle of drums, please)—an open mike!

And all you have to bring is you, and your story. Maybe it's a piece you've already shared with your Story Circle, or a poem or two that you've just finished, or a short autobiographical fiction piece. Maybe it's a story to be sung, or danced (if you need music, let us know ahead of time). Or perhaps you'd like to bring a piece of art that you've made—pottery, painting, textile, whatever—and tell us how and why it is part of your story. The sky's the limit, gals, and the only thing we have to fear (as some famous man said once) is fear itself. So let's see how many different stories, and how many different ways to tell a story, we can all come up with.

To give each story-teller a chance to participate we will be dividing into three separate meeting rooms and will ask reader to limit her turn at the mike to five minutes including opening remarks. (Please note that it takes ONE minute to read ONE double-spaced page or to read ½ single spaced page and plan accordingly.) There are a limited number of spaces available, so sign up will begin Saturday after dinner and will end when all places have been reserved and Open Mike begins at 8pm. Whether you come to read, listen, share or all of the above, we look forward to seeing you there! And please bring a copy of your piece to post on the Story Wall—and plan to email it to us, as well, for sharing with the attendees!

Remember that wonderful '60s song that began "When you come to San Francisco, be sure and wear flowers in your hair"?

When you come to Austin, Texas, be sure to bring a story from your heart. We're eager to hear it, y'all!

*Session topics are still tentative.