Stories From the Heart

URGENT: We have passed the 07/16/2018 deadline for notifying the conference hotel of our meal counts. Therefore, registrations that normally include lunches, will be for WORKSHOPS ONLY. You may still register for the Saturday &/or Sunday, or the full conference, but meals will not be included.

We're expecting a capacity crowd at this year's conference, and we want to give the members of our SCN writing community first priority for registration and an early opportunity to select pre-conference options.

You're not a member? We welcome you. Join now and register to ensure your place at this unique women-only conference!

Stories from the Heart IX, the 9th women's writing conference of the Story Circle Network, will bring together women from around the country to celebrate the stories of women's lives. Through writing, reading, listening and learning, we will share our stories and enrich our lives.

The Conference will be held at the Wyndham Hotel in Austin, TX, from July 20-22, 2018. Read all about it on our conference web site.

Male guests are welcome at our three public events: the keynote address and the Saturday and Sunday lunches. Our conference sessions are designed for women only.

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[As stated in the Call for Presenters, our presenters receive a $40 discount on a full registration, $25 on a Saturday-only registration, & $15 on a Sunday-only registration. Panelists and Coaches receive a $20 discount on a full registration.]

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Sunday lunch only $35 $40 ** $
Friday Pre-Conference Workshop (Not included in full registration: optional; extra charge.) noon-1:45pm session: Len Leatherwood $30
2-3:45pm session: Susan Wittig Albert
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  6. Opportunity to sign up for Free 15-minute Coaching Session

Plus Informal Sessions and Networking

Male guests are welcome at our three public events: the keynote address and the Saturday and Sunday lunches. Our conference sessions are designed for women only.

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*Non-Members who choose to join prior to the end of the conference on July 22, 2018 will have a portion of their registration fee applied toward a one-year membership: those who registered for the full conference—or Sat. & Sun.—can pay an additional $10; one-day attendees can pay an additional $35.

**You MUST register for lunches by 07/16/2018! Registrations for these events will NOT be accepted at the door.

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Refund Policy
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Cancellations are accepted until June 20, 2018, and are subject to a cancellation fee of $50 for a full conference registration or $25 for a one-day registration. No refunds will be made after June 20, 2018. Note: If you cancel past our refund deadline, and you were registered for Saturday and Sunday or the full conference, you will receive a two-year extension of your National membership.


If you want to apply for financial assistance, please click here. Otherwise, you may press the "Register" button now.

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NOTE: after the conference, we share names/email addresses with all attendees.

"Sisters Helping Sisters" Financial Assistance:

If you are a member of SCN and have an annual family income of $50,000 or less, you may apply for financial assistance. Assistance will be awarded in amounts ranging from $140 to the full conference cost ($405 minus a $140 minimum payment—see more details below), depending on need and the availability of funds. Additionally, we may be able to assist with travel/lodging. If you would like to apply for financial assistance, please fill out the form below. Note: women awarded a subsidy for one conference are not eligible again (or have to skip a conference).

Financial assistance will be based on perceived need, the thoughtfulness of your response, and your interest in sharing what you learn in your community (for example, by starting a writing circle or developing other women's story-sharing activities). Our desire is to encourage the attendance of a diverse group of women who want to share their stories and help other women enjoy the benefits of women's story-telling and story-sharing. Priority will be given to applicants who have done previous volunteer work for SCN and who have not received financial assistance in the past.

Financial Assistance Application deadline: June 30, 2018—we must receive your application and $140 minimum payment by that date!
If you request financial assistance, you must pay $140 towards your conference fees. If you receive financial assistance, you will then pay the remaining fee (your full conference fee, minus the amount of your financial assistance, minus your $140 payment). This amount must be paid by June 30, 2018. If you do not receive an award your $140 payment will be returned or applied to your full registration.

We require those who receive financial assistance to help out during the conference by working 2-4 hours in a volunteer capacity; volunteer commitments will vary with the amount of financial assistance awarded. Note that this means you may have to miss a session due to your volunteer commitment. See this list of volunteer opportunities. Our volunteer coordinator will contact recipients to assign them a shift/job in one or more of these areas; if you have a preference, please let us know.

I want to apply for $* financial assistance for registration fees

I want to apply for $* financial assistance for travel/lodging
NOTE: lodging will be "paid" via a double-occupancy room (Friday & Saturday night only) at the conference hotel; the room will be shared by two recipients. We do not reimburse you for your hotel room. Any additional nights (Thursday or Sunday) must be paid for (in full) by the subsidy recipient.

*The full amount may not be available

Tell us a little about yourself, including your reason for applying for financial assistance:

One of the objectives of Stories from the Heart IX is to return to our communities and share our discoveries with others. In approximately 200 words, explain how you will help the Story Circle Network achieve this objective.

As a Sisters Helping Sisters recipient, will you agree to share your follow-up experiences? Yes / No

Thank you for your financial assistance application. We will notify all applicants by July 7, 2018.

Questions? Contact us via email: conference at or phone: