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On Friday morning, July 20, we will offer 15-minute mini-coaching sessions with SCN experts in writing, editing, book marketing, and workshop design/development. Available time slots: 9-9:15; 9:20-9:35; 9:40-9:55; 10:20-10:35; 10:40-10:55; 11-11:15. This activity is open only to those registered for the full conference. (We are giving you this information now, so you can make the appropriate travel plans.)

Here's how this works. We will email all conference registrants when the session signup is open on May 15. You will have until July 13 to register (using the online registration form) for the sessions you want, considering your interests and your specific writing-related questions. You may choose one or two sessions—we will do our best to assign you to your top preference(s). This is strictly first come, first served, so you should plan to sign up early during the registration period.

You MUST use the signup form to register for this event. Please consider your interests and your specific writing-related questions and choose accordingly.

The most productive sessions occur when you bring specific questions to your coaches. The coaches don't mind chatting with you for 15 minutes, but they always feel they can be more helpful when you know what you want to learn. We suggest that you write out five questions, in priority order, to help frame your discussion.

Pictured below are SCN's experienced coaches, with the topics they are prepared to help you with. Click on the coach's name to see her brief bio, or check her out on our presenters page.

Susan Wittig Albert: (closed)
  • Writing as a business: what, how, when, who
  • Deciding whether/how to publish (author-publish, indie press, traditional?)
  • Launching your book online
  • What to expect from an editor, copy-editor, page designer, cover artist
  • Taking your book on a blog tour
Brenda Black:
  • Why do you write, for self or others?
  • Family Storytelling that's non-boring
  • Use first memories to jump-start a memoir
  • One-page memoir critique
Joyce Boatright:
  • Developing and conducting workshops for life-writing
  • Journaling for deepening your writer's creativity
Cinda Brooks:
  • Add depth to your fictional and non-fictional characters through a brief glimpse through the lenses of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as they face relationships, stress, and conflict
  • The Power of Your Story: forge meaning from your life experiences to build a better you and to share to help others find meaning in their life stories
Mary Jo Doig Mary Jo Doig:
  • Publishing with a small, independent press
  • Working with an editor, copy editor/graphic designer
  • Any aspect of starting or sustaining a writing circle
  • Any aspect of writing about trauma
  • How to support other authors, why it's important, and unexpected gifts
Lynn Goodwin Lynn Goodwin:
  • Mining your journals
  • What's already working
  • Self-editing hints
  • Sharing personal stories
  • Written a draft but what's next?
  • What do editors want?
Jeanne Guy Jeanne Guy:
  • How to plan and put a workshop/retreat together - and stay sane
Len Leatherwood Len Leatherwood:
  • Help with Flash Fiction/Flash Memoir
  • Deepening Personal Essay Writing
  • Blogging Help
  • Staying Motivated as a Writer
Linda Joy Myers Linda Joy Myers:
  • Writing tough truths
  • Writing, and imagining, family history
  • How to Craft a good scene
Sarah Byrn Rickman Sarah Byrn Rickman:
  • Speaking of Voice: yours and your subject's. I now specialize in biographies. We can talk about how you use your subject's voice to its best advantage.
Christine Volker Christine Volker:
  • Creating a world on paper
  • Making a 3-D villain
  • Audiobook tips